When One Year Becomes Eight

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When Karen met Derek and Heather Liebenberg in 2003 as they were establishing Seed of Hope South Africa, she committed to work alongside them for a year. Eight years later, Karen was still ministering faithfully and effectively at the Centre.

Karen shared her love and joy with thousands during her eight years at Seed of Hope.

Karen has helped lead work with children, ministered to countless AIDS patients, worked alongside international volunteers and mentored groups of high school students. She wore out her car and several pairs of shoes helping people all over the potholed roads of the community of Bhekulwandle. Late last year, she sensed God leading her into a new chapter of ministry.

During a farewell reception at the Centre in December, hundreds of grandmothers, young adults and children came to say how much she’d meant to them over the course of her years in Bhekulwandle.

Thank you, Karen, for your faithful and selfless service!

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