True Love – the story of Job

Heather Liebenberg blog

In the ocean a large wave sometimes catches you off guard, you loose your balance and it takes you down. Often, just as you try to get back on your feet another wave hits, and then another, threatening to drown you or thrash you on the beach.

2020 has felt a bit like that for many of us. First came the devastation of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns around the world. This was soon followed by the loss of income or employment, even businesses that have been invested in with diligence for years. Many of us have lost loved ones and the fatigue of living locked away in our houses, behind our masks and away from our family and friends is taking it’s toll.

Job experienced the tsunami of economic ruin and the tragic loss of all of his children in the same day. Shortly afterwards he was struck with a terrible, painful illness and was in despair. As if that wasn’t enough, he was judged by his friends and told that it was his own fault, and that he deserved worse.

By looking at his journey we can be encouraged to hold on to the things that really matter and even grow through trials.

Photo by Michael Flint on Unsplash

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