Sewing uniforms: Khanyi

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Khanyi started our sewing training module 1 at the beginning of 2017, and at that point she had never used a sewing machine before.

She has two children to support, lives with her big family and was unemployed. She saw the training as an opportunity to increase her skill level by doing something practical.

After a few months of learning and getting excited about her new found talent, her brother who is a local pastor helped her come up with a business idea of making church uniforms for his congregation members. She asked Ernestina (our trainer) to teach her how to design and cut the appropriate patterns and has been making orders ever since! Khanyi still continues her training development but often spends extra hours in the room making the uniforms for those who have placed orders after classes.

This has become a constant source of regular income for Khanyi helping her support her children as well as building her confidence in her ability to provide for her children.

In 2018, Khanyi started module 3 of her sewing training so that she can expand her repertoire by designing and making more products that she will be able to sell in her local community.

Khanyi has built up a network of satisfied clients that even includes some of the elderly women from our Gogo support groups.

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