Sewing entrepreneurship: Nosipho

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Nosipho is a young, talented woman who joined our sewing training in the second intake of our sewing class in July 2017.
She quickly progressed in her new skill and is a budding entrepreneur. Through the basic business skills offered in this training, she decided to do some research into what was a need in the community that she could meet.

As a result, Nosipho decided to approach the local hardware store and they offered her the opportunity to make a sample of their work uniform which is buttoned shirts. She then came to Ernestina (our sewing trainer) for help with the pattern and design and she made the sample. The hardware has approved the sample and she was able to make 20 shirts for all their employees. The hardware was so impressed with the high quality of her work that she has now been contracted to make shirts for one of their sister hardware stores in a community nearby. Her husband has bought her a sewing machine so that she can continue to grow here business.

Nosipho is an encouraging example of how entrepreneurship often just takes the risk of stepping out of a comfort zone and coming up with a creative idea. She not only has the practical skill but also the mind of an entrepreneur and the gab of a salesperson which guarantees her success as she continues to grow her business.

She has grown in confidence in her ability and in herself as a woman of possibility.

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