Sewing as an income suppliment

Bongiwe started attending our second Gogo support group in January 2018. Through this she learnt of our sewing training and because she had some previous sewing experience she decided to join the training and she if she could improve her skill.

Bongiwe is a pensioner who is currently still supporting her children and grandchildren. Since starting the training, she has learnt how to sew many different items including aprons. After experimenting with different patterns and showing them to her neighbours they have started to place orders from her.

She was so surprised that her neighbours and friends would buy products from her! but this has built her self-confidence as she continues to grow and learn how to make more products.

Through her starter business she has now been able supply her large family with more monthly income. Bongiwe says that it is never too late to learn!

She continues to come to our elderly support group and is an inspiration to the other grannies, as she says that she is proof that you are never too old to learn something new.

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