Sewing and business success: Wendy

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Wendy started our sewing training program in 2016 and did not know how to sew at all. She quickly picked up the basics and this empowered her to realise that she able to do a practical skill and be creative. As a result when she was in module 2 of the training program she decided to start making aprons and bedding and selling them at a local market place in her community. She started selling and quickly was making a small income from her products.

One day after going to town and scoping out trends and fashion, she saw a fashionable skirt that everyone was going gaga for. Wendy approached Ernestina our trainer as she hadn’t learnt how to make skirts yet, and asked for her assistance to design these specific fashion skirts. As a result girls in her community were able to buy these trendy skirts from her rather than travel into town.

Unfortunately due to family difficulties, Wendy had to delay her training for a while in 2017, but has now got a part time job that allows her to continue the course and develop her business on the side.

As a result in 2018 Wendy completed module 3- our fashion design element. She is still working part time and has continued to pursue her sewing business on the side. In 2017 after saving up she bought her own sewing machine while allows her to sew from home and not only from our centre.

She has also joined SOH’s first Entrepreneurial and Business Training (EBT) to help her grow in her business skills, and to help her identify more community fashion trends.

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