Servant Leader: Zamani Sokhulu

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Zamani Sokhulu, started attending Simunye when he was just 6 years old in 2004. He encouraged his two siblings Promise and Lindo to attend as well. Zamani’s favourite subject was life skills, and he always had a verse to share at Bible studies. He was a natural leader.
His leadership skills grew through teaching his peers Zulu dancing and by leading a community Gospel Choir. He referred family members in crisis to Seed of hope’s Social Services department, and we assisted with food parcels, prayer and counselling. When he turned 16, Zamani was very excited to join our high school Leadership Development program. Despite academic struggles that he faced, he has always been committed to being a positive example at school. In 2015, during a time of intense school violence, crisis, gang involvement, he stood apart as a voice of reason and light , and publicly spoke out against violence to his fellow students.

Zamani graduated from high school in 2016 and has started pursuing further skills development training in practical skills.

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