Sewing Training

Learners progress from basic sewing skills, through to fashion and product design. Each week includes a foundational business skill and Christian-based life skill, contributing to the holistic growth of each student.

The process equips them with skills to start their own small business or pursue their career goals in clothing design. Our instructor serves as a trainer, encourager and mentor throughout the learners’ time at Seed of Hope.

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Bake 4 Profit

Training unemployed community members with a practical skill that can help them find employment or start their own baking business. This tool has successfully been implemented by many organisations and was started by Learn to Earn (Cape Town). It includes relevant business skills like costing, profit and creating your business plan to help learners as well as practical baking projects.

(Employment Skills)

Khulanathi means “grow with us” in isiZulu and is an intensive 3-month course for unemployed community members that includes: adult life skills, work preparation, leadership development, basic business, financial literacy, computers, basic sewing, office admin, waitressing, cashier and merchandising practical skills trainings.

Featured Success Stories