Simunye Program

Seed of Hope’s after-school programs for Grade R-7’s equip students to think critically, excel academically and use their creativity and imagination while applying what they have learnt through informed decisions. We partner closely with parents and teachers in the lives of our students.



Abaholi Bakusasa (Tomorrow’s Leaders)

Our objective is to equip tomorrow’s leaders with a strong sense of identity, purpose and a heart for their community through life skills, leadership development and career preparation. Over 500 Grade 8-12 students participate on a weekly basis.

The program emphasises four ‘spheres’ of life relevant to young people: Faith, Self, Community and their Future. We use an interactive, discussion-based process to help participants explore their worldview, goals and responsibilities, and provide opportunities for life coaching and small-group mentorship.


Schools Life Skills Outreach

The program reaches over 200 grade 7 primary school students with relevant life skills, and helps them prepare for the transition to high school. Our staff deliver dynamic, interactive lessons that capture attention. Students respond enthusiastically to lessons led by a guest presenter, and teachers can follow-up on issues raised.