Lihle’s Last Day

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At Seed of Hope, we cherish our annual Christmas Party. Thanks to generous support from the community and our supporters we are able to provide each child with a special gift and memories that will last a life time. I can remember gravitating towards one little face during the Centre’s Christmas Party. One look at those beautiful, gentle eyes and I was captivated. He was playing musical chairs in the Simunye Room. Most of the kids did not understand that they would be out of the game if they didn’t find a chair when the music stopped. I made it a fun thing to be out, and I took a photo of everyone that didn’t find a chair. That is how I took the photo of Lihle in his bright blue shirt. Lihle was tragically killed by a car as he was crossing the road only hours after the completion of the Christmas Party. His mom had sent him to the shop to get some milk for supper. What a sad moment for his family. We draw solace in the fact that his last day on earth was with all his little buddies having the time of his life. I love that his last day on earth was so fun and carefree. To honour Lihle, I made a little photo album of all the pictures I had taken of Lihle that day and delivered it to his family before Christmas. I hope that they will be able to remember him as the bright, beautiful boy he was.

By Kerry Wiens

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