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Term 1 blog 3 picMarch 2015 Quarterly Programs Report

Seed of Hope provides local access to basic health screening and training, support
programs and crisis assistance for families.
In our Health Department, a new HIV Support Group has been launched for teenagers, and
there are 6 clients who have joined. Themes for support groups of all ages this term have dealt
with New Beginnings, and the Truth About Love.



These are the stats for this term:
• 12 clients attend the weekly HIV Adult Support Group.
• 11 clients attend the weekly HIV Child Support Group.
• 31 community members have come for HIV tests and received relevant counselling and
• 15 clients have received CD-4 count tests for rapid staging and referral for treatment.
• 36 community members have come for pregnancy tests and received counselling and
assistance where necessary. 77.7% of them were in the 15-29 year old age category.
• 89 household visits have been made to our clients, where they receive health assistance,
training, follow up on health or household issues, and prayer.
• 49 social services crises visits and follow up meetings have been conducted by our team
– 2 pregnancy related cases – 1 domestic violence case
– 9 family crisis cases – 5 child abuse cases
– 5 financial crisis cases – 5 document related cases
– 13 of these cases have either been resolved or referred to relevant local services or
• 25 community households are a part of our social services crisis relief program.
• 50 food parcels have been distributed to the families of our social service clients, providing food
to a total of 42 adults and 53 children.

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