Full time sewing employment

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In January 2016, we launched our newly overhauled sewing training program, which consists of three modules, from basics,to intermediate, to fashion design skills. Each module now includes practical products that students make themselves and are then able to keep for themselves or to sell. At the end of 2016, 5 of our 9 graduates (56%) either found employment or have started their own business, using their sewing skills.

Goodness, a middle-aged woman with a newly found talent and passion for sewing, was completing her final module and absolutely loved the new program format and flourished with the additional fashion design element that had now been included in the program. Every week she would come to our trainer with an idea or a new product she had designed or made all by herself. This included clothing for herself, items for her home and even a gown for her grand daughter. Even her neighbours were impressed with all that she was making and placed some orders.

Towards the end of the 2016, a sewing business approached SOH, looking for an intern that already knew how to sew and make patterns. We suggested Goodness, and since the beginning of 2017, she has been working full time for this company. We received great feedback from the employer of her enthusiasm, passion and skilful handiwork.

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