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It was five years ago that Zama first found herself at the Seed of Hope. She had heard of the Centre while attending her church. Inspired by what they were doing, she gave a week of her time and found it very rewarding. Zama had always had an interest in pursuing a career in healthcare. She aspired to being a nurse when she was younger but finances were a challenge. After completing an HIV counseling course she began volunteering at church doing HIV testing.

Then, in 2009, an opportunity opened up to join the Health Team at the Seed of Hope. “In everything we do with people in our community, we put God first. You don’t have that opportunity everywhere,” says Zama.

Along with other members of the Seed of Hope Health Team, Zama meets with people in need of testing or counseling and leads support groups for adults and children living with HIV. A couple of times a year, she works with the Health Team to offer two-day HIV educational workshops in their community – a course that they have developed and teach entirely in Zulu. She visits the dying in their home and offers prayers and practical support for the surviving family in the form of food or clothing. “Sometimes prayer is all we can offer,” says Zama, “but for those who are so sick, it can be very comforting for them to know God loves them and so do we.”

It’s heavy and emotional work some days, especially when dealing with sexually-abused children or people in their final days of life. The stress of these situations can become overwhelming at times. “The prayers of the rest of the staff and those who support Seed of Hope are what carry us,” says Zama. “We know that God is at work through us, so that’s very rewarding.”

“The Seed of Hope is my second family. I’ve learned so much working here and I know in my heart that I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Your support for the Seed of Hope ensures that local leaders like Zama are well equipped to face the healthcare challenges in their community.

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