Entrepreneurship in sewing: Busi

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Busi is a quiet, skilful and determined woman from the local community who had a passion for sewing and business but had limited practical experience and exposure. She learnt about our sewing training course and started the program in 2015.

Her passion for sewing was ignited when she realised that she had a practical skill that could help her create beautiful products for herself and her family. When she was in module 2 she started saving up until she was able to buy her own machine and continue her sewing from home- as she lives quite far away from the centre and transport can often be an issue.

With this asset Busi was able to pursue her dream of using her practical skill to start her own business from home. She quickly developed a client base doing mainly alterations and then making school uniforms and traditional attire.

Normally it takes 8-10 months to complete module 3, but Busi took almost 18 months and only finished in late 2017 because of the demands she had from her new sewing business!

Busi has been able to make many different products and now specialises in Zulu attire and traditional gifts for events.

Busi remains in contact with our trainer who continues to mentor her as she grows and develops as a business woman.

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