Confidence Stitch by Stitch

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Bongi Cele is an elderly female from Bhekulwandle who previously had no skills and struggled in her life because of this. This made her feel discouraged and disempowered in her own life. 

A friend of hers who had struggled as Bongi did, was involved in the Sewing Program offered at Seed of Hope. Through seeing her friend’s life change while she was doing this course Bongi decided to find out more.

Bongi Cele at work in the Seed of Hope sewing room.

The Sewing Program at Seed of Hope teaches community members, many of whom are unskilled and unemployed, to be more self-reliant and confident in their ability to provide for their families.  They learn to sew and create a variety of products which can be sold to earn income. Once learned, these skills can then be used by women so they can earn an income.

Now Bongi is close to finishing her second year in the Sewing Program and says her life has changed. She has learnt how to do things she had never done before and has grown in confidence. She has developed a strong support network among the other students and is constantly encouraged and motivated by them. “It makes life easier” Bongi says, “ When you do it together.”

“Bring part of the sewing program has built my confidence and abilities and I continue to learn and develop more skills along the way.”

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