God – Our Hope in Disaster

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This has certainly been a week of disaster here in Durban, South Africa. Sadly, over 200 shopping malls were looted and many destroyed along with factories, warehouses and businesses. More

True Love – the story of Job

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In the ocean a large wave sometimes catches you off guard, you loose your balance and it takes you down. Often, just as you try to get back on your

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Seed of Hope Overview (VIDEO)

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We’ve produced a new video highlighting some of the work we do at the centre to serve empower and mobilize the township of Bhekulwandle. Reading about our programs can provide

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A Life Saved (video)

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Sindi was diagnosed with HIV three years ago while pregnant with her youngest child, and wisely had her CD4 count checked. This test reveals how strong or weak a person’s

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Changing Lives One Stitch at a Time

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Thanks to you, sewing classes are empowering women in Bhekulwandle!

Until recently, Ernestina would unlock the heavy padlock on the gated door to the sewing skills room each morning, enter