LifeWise HIV Training is Now Offered in Zulu

It isn’t every day that a sangoma visits the Seed of Hope. Sangomas, or Zulu traditional healers, are the keepers of traditional belief in ancestral spirits. Their services are often called upon to fix everything from bad luck, disease, to …

Jumping in the Deep End

A recent entry from Seed of Hope CEO, Carl Waldron’s personal blog… It’s our first pool training day, and I’m buzzing with excitement. Eleven teenage boys from Bhekulwandle are about to swim for the first time. Ryan, one of their …

Out of the Mouth of Babes

An everyday English lesson opens a volunteer’s eyes to her Bhekulwandle students’ reality. Recently Jacqui, a volunteer teacher working with the 11-14 year-olds on their English lessons, asked the students to make up sentences to share with the class.

God’s Provision

Donna recently visited the Seed of Hope South Africa and had the opportunity to accompany Sylvia on a trip to the local market. She was humbled by the faith of this mother. Her cart has four loaves of bread and …

New Space Means New Opportunities

Exciting changes to our Centre in Bhekulwandle are making ministry more efficient and putting smiles on the faces of the staff! This month, renovations converted one of the largest rooms in our facility into a health services room which includes …

When One Year Becomes Eight

When Karen met Derek and Heather Liebenberg in 2003 as they were establishing Seed of Hope South Africa, she committed to work alongside them for a year. Eight years later, Karen was still ministering faithfully and effectively at the Centre.

Born Into Weeds

Buli came running into the office yelling, “Please help Michelle. There is a lady, and a baby, but the other thing. The thing. You know, the thing… is not coming. Please come.”

It Was an Africa Day

 (From Alanna Schwartz’s blog, Living Spree) It began with exhaustion. After panic over an English essay that lasted late into the post-it noting, character analysing night last night, I was tired. We started the day early because Dad and us kids …

Lihle’s Last Day

At Seed of Hope, we cherish our annual Christmas Party. Thanks to generous support from the community and our supporters we are able to provide each child with a special gift and memories that will last a life time. I …

Bringing People Together to Transform Families and Communities

In the vibrant Zulu culture, people “do life” together. Living alone is an unthinkably lonely and alien idea. The daily routines of travel, work, eating, celebrating and mourning are set to the lively background of conversation and community.


“Give thanks!” A few weeks ago I shared the celebration of Thanksgiving with my South African friends. We were a group with a wide variety of backgrounds, languages and cultures. Even after eight years here I still find it strange …

Farming God’s Way

A year ago, we launched our food sustainability program – a strategy aimed at training locals to grow food, on a foundation of a biblical worldview. It teaches conservation agriculture to very high standards, with high quality inputs and nominal …

Fresh Thinking and Real Needs

Earlier this year, members of our sewing class emerged from a conversation about new products with an amazing conclusion: they knew what Bhekulwandle needed.

A Life Saved

On the final day of LifeWise, a 5-day HIV course we ran last month, a beautiful young lady named Sindi practically jumped out of her seat in her excitement to share her story.  Her eyes lit up as she began …

The Children of Bhekulwandle

It’s a common picture in Africa: An 8 year-old girl with a baby on the hip… A teenager taking his 11 year-old sister to the clinic to pick up her anti-retroviral medication (ARV’s), cooking for her – and then studying …

An Appeal

Last year we felt compelled to extend Seed of Hope’s reach. We could see our work making an impact, and we heard feedback from other organizations that were impressed with our approach to HIV training, vocational skills and youth education.

No Projects, Only People

“In real community development, we have no projects – only people.” Those words struck a chord when I heard them, because that’s exactly what we’ve seen lately.

Giving Change

In 2010, Seed of Hope’s impact on the Bhekulwandle community grew remarkably. Your partnership through financial support helps us improve the future for many. Here are a few highlights:


Everyone here has a story about when their turnaround happened, and each person you meet is getting stronger, healthier, and more intent on living.

Fulfilling Hope: Nomandla

Nomandla’s* CD4 count was 4 in December last year. The CD4 count measures how well the immune system is doing under the attack of HIV. A healthy result is above 500. Nomandla was left practically without an immune system. It …

Living with HIV: Stabi

Stabi* looks like she is 9, but she is actually 14 years old. Her parents died a couple of years ago, most likely from AIDS.  She now lives with her 19 year-old brother and his 22 year-old girlfriend. Stabi is …

LifeWise Training Program

It would seem impossible to increase awareness of HIV in Bhekulwandle, with the prevalence of billboards, public health spots on radio and TV, and posters in public places. However, most peopleʼs true understanding of the illness and how to help …

The Space Between Relief and Development

The truth of our experience in community development is this: the problems that affect the materially poor are both personal (lack of education, family dysfunction, low motivation, fatalistic worldview) and also systemic.

Mimi’s Gogo

(by Karen P.) As I drove through Bhekulwandle township the other day, I saw a gogo (grandmother) sitting at the roadside.  As I passed, I recognized her as one of the widows we have been working with at Seed Of …