Smiles and Sounds of Joy Fill the Air

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(Taken from news letter December 2013)

With colourful jumping castles, incredible volunteers, sizzling “boerewors” (South African sausages) and mountains of prizes wrapped under the tree, the Simunye Christmas Party was ready to begin. The children spent the next hour and a half knocking down bowling pins, pulling on a tug of war rope, icing and decorating biscuits, running through an obstacle course dressed like Father Christmas, shooting targets with water pistols and leaping, diving and climbing over jumping castles.

After the games, boerewors rolls and ice lollies were served under the tree and the children relaxed and chatted before joining their parents in the Simunye room.

Every child received a gift and a certificate to honour their accomplishments through the year. The children received one of the following acknowledgements:

  • Displaying a particular characteristic that deserved special mention
  • Good attendance throughout the year
  • For being part of Simunye Time over the year.

The hope was to encourage children to come to Simunye Time more regularly and also to draw attention to those children who have made outstanding efforts.

Throughout the award ceremony, the children performed dances, songs and dramas, which they had practiced during the week. It was wonderful for the children to have the opportunity to show off incredible talents in front of their peers, teachers, Seed of Hope staff and some parents.

The day ended with an exciting visit from Father Christmas who gave out some goody bags. The children were seen running home, excitedly opening presents on the way and showing them to their friends.


“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.”  ~ Graham Greene 

Our prayer is that the moments we spend with the children in Simunye Time would be one of these moments.


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