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(post from our end year report 2014)

SOH staff faithful leadersAt Seed of Hope we value our staff, and are a close knit family. We value trust and unity, and seek to equip our staff in all areas of their lives. This can be seen through all the staff development activities we host through out the year to address professional, spiritual and personal development.

2014 started strong, with a 3-day orientation on the vision for 2014, and later in the year a 3-day Faithful Leaders retreat in which included Bible study, recreation, times for reflection, a fitness session and an art class-tapping into our creative side!

Growing as a team is a way of investing in our strength – and translates into greater impact and influence in our community. In 2014, we did that through:

3 staff team-building mornings;

8 personal development sessions covering personal finances, goals and planning, health, grief management, medical aid plans & wills;

7 staff members have started introductory onsite computer lessons;

19 staff members have attended various trainings and workshops including:

NGO Capacity Building, Project Management, CD4 Analyser Training, Church and Community Mobilization Process, Children and Youth Worker Gatherings.

Heather Liebenberg also provides ongoing pastoral care and regular mentorship sessions.

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