Sewing Training

Learners progress from basic sewing skills, through to fashion and product design. Each week includes a foundational business skill and Christian-based life skill, contributing to the holistic growth of each student.

The process equips them with skills to start their own small business or pursue their career goals in clothing design. Our instructor serves as a trainer, encourager and mentor throughout the learners’ time at Seed of Hope.

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Household Gardening

Seed of Hope’s emphasis on sustainable food sources for families and appropriate technology combine in our gardening and agricultural training. Offered in several settings and formats, it equips both household gardeners and larger-scale farmers with technical skills, management principles and biblical keys to understand the potential of our God-given resources.

Employment Preparation

We offer pre-employment training to prepare unemployed community members for the world of work, with the skills they need to stand out and progress on the job.

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Computer Training

Through our on site computer learning centre, high school students and unemployment community members receive basic technology skills needed to access more employment opportunities and enhance their education through access to online information and communication.