Healthy Homes & Families

Our Community Care staff reach parents and guardians of students in our child and youth development programs as well as other community members eager to improve their parenting.

Age-appropriate, interactive and Christian-based lessons focus on health, childhood development, nutrition and parenting keys.


Health Screening & Training

Our screening clinic offers pregnancy and HIV, along with general health counselling. Community Health Workers build relationships through regular home visits with clients with health concerns. Clients who test positive for HIV or pregnancy receive 100% follow up.

Seed of Hope has also designed several original, innovative HIV training programs to encourage awareness, prevention and treatment.


Unanticipated crises, such as unexpected health issues, job loss or the death of an income-earner, can plunge families into dire physical and social need. We assess needs and provide temporary food support while helping people pursue means of sustaining themselves. Clients in family-related social crises receive counselling, advice, support and relevant referrals. We also assist clients with applying for social welfare grants, access to vocational or employment training courses, Christian-based counselling and prayer.