Simunye Program

Seed of Hope’s after-school programs for Grade R-7’s equip students to think critically, excel academically and use their creativity and imagination while applying what they have learnt through informed decisions. We partner closely with parents and teachers in the lives of our students.



Live Out Loud

Live Out Loud is a multi-year leadership development course for high school students (Grade 8-12) who demonstrate a high level of motivation and leadership among their peers. It focuses on helping students develop themselves, their faith in God, their responsibility for their community and in preparation for their futures. It also incorporates academic tutoring and preparation for their transition from school after completing grade 12.


Schools Life Skills Outreach

Our life skills program reaches 700 grade 7 and 8 students each week in 5 local schools, providing a “bridge” through the transition between the primary and secondary levels of schooling. Our staff deliver dynamic, interactive lessons that capture attention. Students respond enthusiastically to lessons led by a guest presenter, and teachers can follow-up on issues raised.