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It’s exciting when success comes through the joint effort of South Africans and supporters from overseas. We believe that the best solutions start with local people and funding, and then additional resources can enhance and accelerate the impact that’s already begun rather than creating dependency.

A great example was the replacement of our aging 2001 Nissan bakkie (also known as a “pickup truck” elsewhere in the world). At nearly 300,000km, it’s served us amazingly well and carried countless staff, patients and cargo loads over bumpy rural roads for years. However we knew eventually the heavy wear and tear would take its toll. We planned to gradually save funds in 2013 to put toward a replacement early next year.

Then, however, we learned of an opportunity to apply for capital funding through the G. A. Baumann Trust in Durban just two days before the deadline in late January! We requested funding for a new or nearly new double-cab bakkie, and were thrilled when we got good news a few days later. The Baumann Trust had approved 50% of the funding, on one condition: we had to raise the rest within 30 days!

We sent out a small flurry of emails to the Seed of Hope supporters asking, “Would you consider contributing part of the needed funding, with your contribution matched by other supporters?  The total we raise will then will be doubled by our South African funder!” Our first “Yes!” came back within an hour, and one week later we had pledges for the required amount.

Within one month, we had the joy of driving a new diesel Toyota Hilux to the Seed of Hope Centre. Through the eager generosity of friends like you, we have a reliable ministry tool that will serve us for years – and it arrived well ahead of our original plan! Thank you for valuing our work and joining as partners with South African supporters and friends to help us make a difference in Bhekulwandle!

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