Seed of Hope Community Development South Africa operates through South African donations and generous international support.
We are grateful for relationships and partnership agreements with the following organizations:

RESKU International (USA)- resku.org

At RESKU International we desire to “rescue those who suffer from HIV/AIDS, poverty, evil, and hurt.” We primarily support orphans and widows affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty.

HopeShares Canada – hopeshares.ca

HopeShares provides community-building initiatives for children, youth, and adults in the Bhekulwandle township, near Durban, South Africa. By sharing your resources, you are sharing hope, and the powerful effect of your commitment is seen daily by the men and women who serve there.

Soul Action South Africa http://www.soulaction.co.za/
We network people, projects and churches. We train individuals, project and church leaders. We identify opportunities and pioneer new initiatives.

Canadian Food Grains Bank http://foodgrainsbank.ca/
Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger by:
• Supporting international programs to meet immediate food needs, reduce malnutrition, and achieve sustainable food security;
• Influencing improvements in national and international policies that contribute to ending global hunger; and
• Increasing and deepening the engagement of Canadians in efforts to end global hunger.

Farming God’s Way http://www.farming-gods-way.org/
Farming God’s Way is a resource given to the wider body of Christ, to equip the poor and break the yoke of poverty. It is a well-balance biblical, management and technological solution for the agricultural domain.