Mlondi’s Initiative Pays Off

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In May 2017, during our initial trial of the Employment Preparation section of our Khulanathi Process, one of our eager new students immediately started implementing what she had been learning by actively job searching. She compiled her CV with our facilitators help and started dropping is off at retail stores.

Before the training was completed, she was called in for a job interview at a clothing shop, after taking the initiate to follow up about an opening that she had applied for. She had received training from our course about how to interview well.

Mlondi said “I was so excited and nervous at the same time when the interview came, but I’m happy that I was prepared, and during the training I learnt all my previous mistakes and corrected them”. Mlondi got the Job! And has been working there ever since.

Its so exciting to see how fast mindsets and attitudes towards the work place can change in our learners and that they are willing to break out of fear, take initiative and implement what they are learning. Mlondi’s example serves as an encouragement to others attending- that it is possible!

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