Little Moments Add Up To Big Life Change

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(March 2014)

Late last year, I stood in a pool and helped baptize eight young men, most of whom were part of Seed of Hope programs over the years. At one time or another they had attended Simunye Time, After School Program, Live Out Loud, participated in the Mudman Triathlon, trained in Farming God’s Way, or attended LifeWise Aids Training.

As I reflected on the years they had been involved at the Centre, I realized that it was a multitude of little moments that have brought them to this place of commitment.

a kind teacher taught them a special song at Simunye Time
a pastor dressed as Father Christmas gave them a treasured gift at a Simunye Christmas Party
a local mentor formed a boys soccer team on which they could play
a friendly visitor from Canada took their picture and gave them a hug
a Live Out Loud leader wrote them a heartfelt note
a famous rugby player believed they had the ability to do the near impossible
an enthusiastic agricultural expert taught them how to be self-sufficient
a caring medical professional taught them about the realities of HIV
and compassionate people around the world took time to pray for and invest in their lives.
It’s remarkable how all those moments culminated in that very special moment of baptism that day.
For me personally, it’s been an incredible experience to become a friend and mentor to them, and to see them taking steps of faith on their own. Two of them have faced intense rejection from their families for their decision to commit to Jesus Christ, including being told to leave home. Ten of the students took and passed the national exams in grade 12, and passed.


These young men are living with integrity and volunteering their time in the community and their church, even as we work to help them gain employment or further education. They are humble, respectful, friendly and sober – pretty incredible examples in their community.

We’ve always believed that transformation would happen as a new generation matured in Bhekulwandle. We knew that transformation would take time…and lots of important moments along the way. We are now seeing the fruit of our decade of prayer and ministry.
Thank you. You make these life-changing moments possible.

Carl Waldron
The Seed of Hope Director
South African Operations

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