Family support in crisis

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In our 2018 Khulanathi cycle 1, one of the students was dealing with a social and health crisis at home that had been affecting her and her child for along time.

Through the training on dealing with past hurts which include, death, abuse, fatherlessness and healing, she realised that she needed counselling and support to move forward as well as to deal with the hard situation at home.

She approached the SOH counsellors who attend those hard sessions for the purpose of providing extra support and counselling for students who have experienced hurts in their past or who are currently dealing with hard situations. During her sessions with the team, she was able to disclose more details about her past and current situation. She then received prayer, counselling, advice and follow up support and as a result has not only received emotional healing from her past, but has also been able to resolved her current family crisis.

When she started the Khulanathi process, she worked one day a week doing a piece job.But after attending the employment preparation section of the process, she identified practical ways that she could improve her employability, including how to better manage her time, work ethic and even how to move from being a average worker to an excellent worker.

As a result she has been able to increase her work to 4 days which allows her to better support her family.

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