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March 2015 Quarterly Programs Report

Our Christian-based academic and life skills programs build confidence and prepare
children for a healthy, productive life.
Simunye After-school Children’s Program (ages: 4-14 years old): Virtue-based themes taught
so far include love,forgiveness and unity in our Simunye 1 class; honour, caring and patience in our
Simunye 2 class; and idealism, moderation and humility in our Simunye 3 class. Each class also
receives a weekly Bible Study lesson, Maths or English lesson and a health lesson.

170 children registered this year, with an average attendance of 103 children each weekday.
Our 4-year Live Out Loud Leadership Development Program has been implemented this year
and runs from Grade 9-12. A monthly support group for post-Grade 12’s helps these students
make the transition into the next stage of their lives. We also have started a homework club which
runs twice a week to help these students receive academic support and be able to do their
homework. Registrations include:
19 students in Level 1 (Grade 9 +10). Main topics: Ethics and beliefs, My Value, and How God
Values Us.
14 students in Level 2 (Grade 11). Main topics: Lies I believe, Consequences of Sex Outside of
Marriage (including teen pregnancy and abortion) and How God Forgives and Restores.
6 post-Grade 12 students. Main topics: Careers, and What To Do Now.
Our Schools Outreach Program is expanding into 3 schools this term with the hope of being in a
4th school by the start of next term. We have implemented a 2-year (Grade 7+8) Christian Life
Skills curriculum.
370 Grade 7 students benefit from this program. Main topics: Value, Purpose, Identity and
300 Grade 8 students benefit from this program. Main topics: Planning for my future, Vision
and Goals.

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