Children With Nowhere To Go

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(August 2014)

Michelle Waldron shares a story that is all too familiar in South Africa.  He is almost 6 weeks old.  She is just over 2.  Their mom abandoned them and their father doesn’t want them.

They showed up at Seed of Hope with an extended relative.  The baby was screaming!  He was so hungry!  The 2 year old’s pants were wet with urine.  We found some milk and a new set of pants….

The old lady who they were left with cannot care for them.  She struggles to care for her own family so she came to us for help. She wants to find a family that will love them, cherish them, and give them a future…  right now, they have none of that!

The morning was spent at a social worker’s office and then to the police station to open a case of abandonment.  I held the little girl for 2 hours, while the social worker dealt with the case… the little girl started shifting, back and forth in my arms…  I asked her, “ufuna itoilet?”  “Do you want the toilet?”  But I think she was too shy to tell me. Soon it became very evident she did need to go!  We almost made it in time… The warmth came through my shirt. But I didn’t mind at all.  Just holding and giving her love felt so fulfilling! Urine and all!

The baby boy has only been on this earth for about 6 weeks and already his little life feels overwhelming.  Parents who don’t want him.  Cow’s milk in his bottle instead of proper formula.  No one who really wants or cares for him and his big sister.  It makes my heart sore.

The children have been placed with social services until a permanent home can be found for them.

Praying God will provide the perfect home for them!  A home full of love, laughter, God, acceptance, joy, peace, and every other good thing that is in God’s perfect will for a child!

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