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Faith for Transformation

Progress can be hard to gauge. It’s particularly true when your goal is massive and bigger than your own capabilities.

At Seed of Hope, the aim of our work is the eventual transformation of a community through its own people. The measure of our success has become the number of local men, women and children who are committed to improving the lives of others and have faith in God’s ability to use them in the process. Read more

Jumping in the Deep End

A recent entry from Seed of Hope CEO, Carl Waldron’s personal blog…

It’s our first pool training day, and I’m buzzing with excitement. Eleven teenage boys from Bhekulwandle are about to swim for the first time. Ryan, one of their mentors from the Seed of Hope, and I are going to teach them! In early 2013, we’ll cross the finish line of the Mudman Triathlon together. Read more

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

The words of this African proverb convey the wisdom, and advantage, of unity. Pursuing our goals together brings both a greater impact, and a more lasting one. For years, however, it has seemed as though most of the time in Bhekulwandle, people “go alone.” Churches and organizations, political groups and traditional Zulu authorities, and even many families struggle to be heard or change their circumstances, but rarely together with others. Read more