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Building on People’s Assets

(November 2014)

We believe people have skills, access to resources and social connections that they can or do already use. Building on those assets is empowering and allows people to see themselves as capable of creating change.

In late August, community development trainer Francis Njoroge spent a week at the Seed of Hope Centre in Bhekulwandle, South Africa. His message of Church and Community Mobilization resonated with the 20 or more SOH staff and local church representatives who attended the 5-day workshop.

Francis shared his passion and a process, honed over 30 years of work across the African continent, which helps churches work with their communities to awaken and begin moving together toward a brighter future. Read more

Why We Teach People to Stop Ploughing Their Fields

(November 2014)

Manager of Agriculture and Business Development at Seed of Hope, Dan Wiens, shares his passion for Conservation Agriculture and explains the difference it makes for local farmers.

The dry winter months are evident as you drive through rural KwaZulu Natal. You see community after community with burned, ploughed, fully exposed soil and we wonder how they are coping with decreased yields year after year. It makes us think about how conditioned we are to admire a field that is clear of debris and revealing the thick furrows of the ploughing tractor. BUT that is not health!!! Bare soil is not healthy. Ploughing furrows are not healthy. Read more

Helping Without Hurting

(August 2014)

Perhaps you’ve read When Helping Hurts (Corbett & Fikkert), or come across articles that encourage westerners to give thoughtful consideration of the kinds of assistance we provide in the developing world.

Some examples of ineffective (or even haphazard) “help” delivered by well-meaning visitors can leave us wondering, “What do people in developing countries need, and is my presence helpful?”

On reflection, these questions are a beautiful starting point because they displace the assumption that we already know what is needed, and that the answer includes ourselves! And they can help us discover ways to bless the people who are already making a difference.

When Seed of Hope invites teams to get involved, we’re careful to focus on building local capacity. In practice, that means an emphasis on equipping on-the-ground leaders in South Africa with the tools and training they need to be their best. Read more

Children With Nowhere To Go

(August 2014)

Michelle Waldron shares a story that is all too familiar in South Africa.  He is almost 6 weeks old.  She is just over 2.  Their mom abandoned them and their father doesn’t want them.

They showed up at Seed of Hope with an extended relative.  The baby was screaming!  He was so hungry!  The 2 year old’s pants were wet with urine.  We found some milk and a new set of pants….

The old lady who they were left with cannot care for them.  She struggles to care for her own family so she came to us for help. She wants to find a family that will love them, cherish them, and give them a future…  right now, they have none of that! Read more