Bringing People Together to Transform Families and Communities

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In the vibrant Zulu culture, people “do life” together. Living alone is an unthinkably lonely and alien idea. The daily routines of travel, work, eating, celebrating and mourning are set to the lively background of conversation and community.

We at Seed of Hope believe that this inclination toward togetherness is a powerful tool for transforming communities. This year we have already witnessed a room of 17 Bhekulwandle residents bravely break through stigma to have open conversations about AIDS during our LifeWise HIV training course. Late last year, six former sewing students, all single mothers or widows caring for orphans, began a sewing business together in their own community. None of this would have been possible without your support.

In recent years, the African concept of Ubuntu, of individuals finding their place through the greater group, has caught the attention of our Western consciousness. It stands in contrast to our high achieving but often sad individualism, and shows us how much we can learn from the strengths of others around the world.

As we look forward to the future we are excited to announce that for the first time in our history, we have a lease to the property we have occupied and rented since 2003! This removes an obstacle to our future planning and growth, and helps ensure that we will be a presence in Bhekulwandle for years to come. Please consider joining our efforts, or inviting a relative or friend to support HopeShares as we continue to bring people together to transform families and communities.

This year, we hope to grow the number of active donors to our work, ensuring that our South African programs can continue to have a profound impact. Together, we can accomplish far more than any of us could alone.


Carl Waldron
CEO, Seed of Hope South Africa

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