Jumping in the Deep End

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A recent entry from Seed of Hope CEO, Carl Waldron’s personal blog…

It’s our first pool training day, and I’m buzzing with excitement. Eleven teenage boys from Bhekulwandle are about

Out of the Mouth of Babes

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An everyday English lesson opens a volunteer’s eyes to her Bhekulwandle students’ reality.

Recently Jacqui, a volunteer teacher working with the 11-14 year-olds on their English lessons, asked the students to

God’s Provision

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Donna recently visited the Seed of Hope South Africa and had the opportunity to accompany Sylvia on a trip to the local market. She was humbled by the faith of

Born Into Weeds

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Buli came running into the office yelling, “Please help Michelle. There is a lady, and a baby, but the other thing. The thing. You know, the thing… is not coming.

Lihle’s Last Day

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At Seed of Hope, we cherish our annual Christmas Party. Thanks to generous support from the community and our supporters we are able to provide each child with a special


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“Give thanks!” A few weeks ago I shared the celebration of Thanksgiving with my South African friends. We were a group with a wide variety of backgrounds, languages and cultures.