Our Approach

Seed of Hope’s early emphasis on addressing community needs has grown to encompass a wider view of empowerment and holistic development. We recognize that a community’s problems are rooted in deeper issues: lack of confidence, deep-rooted dependency and a shortage of selfless leadership.

Today, Seed of Hope’s vision is working with local people to build thriving communities where residents have opportunities to grow, prosper and contribute to positive change.

We believe a thriving community, anywhere in the world, rests on three strong pillars:

• Healthy, stable families
• Sustainable livelihoods
• Servant leaders


Seed of Hope’s vision of leadership development applies to our own staff team. We focus on three thematic images: Heart, Hands and Feet. Each represents a compelling facet of leadership and Christian discipleship. Throughout the year, our team returns to this leadership vision, allowing it to influence our daily lives, our programs and those whom we seek to impact. In this way, each of us can become transformed agents of transformation!

  • heart

    Who I Am

    My identity as a child of God.

  • hand


    My resources are gifts
    to be used well.

  • feet

    Why I’m Here

    God has place me here
    for a purpose.