A Journey of Forgiveness and Hope

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Jabu Dludla, one of our community health workers filling in a report

Jabu Dludla, one of our community health workers filling in a report

A little while ago a young lady visited our health team, hoping to find someone who would listen to her story and offer advice without judging her. Caught up in a family crisis, she felt isolated and stigmatised by her neighbours because of her past. She had come to the right place.
As a young pregnant teenager, she had been involved in a crime and received a sentence of 8 years in prison, where she gave birth to a baby boy. She experienced motherhood for just 6 months, until she was forced to give up her son because there is no childcare in prison.



During her incarceration one of the victims of her crime came to visit. He freely forgave her and told her he hoped she would find peace and a new life. That moment of radical grace softened her heart and launched her on a journey of hope. She continued her education in prison and finished her high school/matric.

This year she completed her prison sentence and returned to her former community. Not sure what
was next or where she fit in, she felt a deep desire to reach out to her son and be involved in his
life. Our health team listened as she poured out her story, prayed for her and counseled her,
including encouraging her to find a church home.
Now she comes to visit Seed of Hope on a regular basis, thanking the team constantly for their
time and openness. “Does my face look different?” she asked during a recent conversation,
“because I feel so different inside!” She was radiating joy after her first day at church.
Our Farming God’s Way team is mentoring her, and she’s excited to get her life on track, begin
working and settling back into society. Her greatest hope is that soon she can be part of her son’s
Our health team is still walking a journey with this precious client. We trust God for her future and
a restored relationship with her son. Please pray with us.

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