A good CV can make all the difference

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CV BlogIn Bhekulwandle, high unemployment is compounded by computer illiteracy. No local school offers computer lessons as part of their curriculum, and most people are effectively cut off from electronic communication and networks that can help them find opportunities.

Today most job applications are submitted online, which means you have to be able to type, use the internet and write a decent CV in order to get noticed. These realities mean that those who lack these skills or access to a computer face great barriers to getting out of poverty.

Last year we launched a pilot project, giving one-on-one lessons to those who needed help writing their CV’s. At each appointment, learners discovered tips on how to apply for jobs or set up an
email account. At Seed of Hope we also offer free access to a computer and internet, so people
can type their own applications and check for responses.
Thanks to a bit of hands-on mentorship, three community members who attended this training
have now successfully found jobs. Two of them found work at nearby banks and one was hired by
a company as a driver.
Small, practical steps toward the goal of a thriving community.

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