Seed of hope overview (VIDEO)

We’ve produced a new video highlighting some of the work we do at the centre to serve empower and mobilize the township of Bhekulwandle. Reading about our programs can provide a detailed explanation of our efforts, but sometimes seeing the work that is being done says something more entirely.

A good CV can make all the difference

CV Blog

In Bhekulwandle, high unemployment is compounded by computer illiteracy. No local school offers computer lessons as part of their curriculum, and most people are effectively cut off from electronic communication and networks that can help them find opportunities.

Today most job applications are submitted online, which means you have to be able to type, use the internet and write a decent CV in order to get noticed. These realities mean that those who lack these skills or access to a computer face great barriers to getting out of poverty. Read more

A Journey of Forgiveness and Hope

Jabu Dludla, one of our community health workers filling in a report
Jabu Dludla, one of our community health workers filling in a report

A little while ago a young lady visited our health team, hoping to find someone who would listen to her story and offer advice without judging her. Caught up in a family crisis, she felt isolated and stigmatised by her neighbours because of her past. She had come to the right place.
As a young pregnant teenager, she had been involved in a crime and received a sentence of 8 years in prison, where she gave birth to a baby boy. She experienced motherhood for just 6 months, until she was forced to give up her son because there is no childcare in prison. Read more


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March 2015 Quarterly Programs Report

Seed of Hope provides local access to basic health screening and training, support
programs and crisis assistance for families.
In our Health Department, a new HIV Support Group has been launched for teenagers, and
there are 6 clients who have joined. Themes for support groups of all ages this term have dealt
with New Beginnings, and the Truth About Love. Read more