Seed of hope overview (VIDEO)

We’ve produced a new video highlighting some of the work we do at the centre to serve empower and mobilize the township of Bhekulwandle. Reading about our programs can provide a detailed explanation of our efforts, but sometimes seeing the work that is being done says something more entirely.


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March 2015 Quarterly Programs Report

Seed of Hope provides local access to basic health screening and training, support
programs and crisis assistance for families.
In our Health Department, a new HIV Support Group has been launched for teenagers, and
there are 6 clients who have joined. Themes for support groups of all ages this term have dealt
with New Beginnings, and the Truth About Love. Read more


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March 2015 Quarterly Programs Report

Using available resources – time, land and local markets – Seed of Hope empowers people
to change their own lives.
In our Sewing Program, Ernestina (Sewing Trainer) and 2 of our graduates are taking an
advanced fashion design course. This term the course has covered skills such as pattern drafting,
new techniques for linings, and how to make ladies skirts and mens shirts. Read more


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March 2015 Quarterly Programs Report

Our Christian-based academic and life skills programs build confidence and prepare
children for a healthy, productive life.
Simunye After-school Children’s Program (ages: 4-14 years old): Virtue-based themes taught
so far include love,forgiveness and unity in our Simunye 1 class; honour, caring and patience in our
Simunye 2 class; and idealism, moderation and humility in our Simunye 3 class. Read more